Why Should You Join a Club or Organization Next Semester?

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You may be weighing up whether it’s worth joining a club or organization next semester by considering factors such as how much time you have and if you’d rather do something else. In fact, there are many advantages to extracurricular activities you should consider before you dismiss them as not being for you.

1. You’ll Expand Your Circle of Friends

You’ll likely make friends with people from your classes and possibly your roommates. Clubs allow you to expand your social circle beyond this by giving you the chance to meet people you may otherwise never have encountered. Belonging to the same clubs means you have something in common, which should make developing friendships easier. The people you meet may also be valuable contacts later when you’re searching for a job.

2. They Teach You Valuable Skills

You’ll learn many skills at clubs that you won’t pick up in the classroom. These could be hard skills related to the club (such as if you’re playing a sport) or soft skills like teamwork, communication, and organizational skills. If you run for an elected position in an organization, you’ll gain even more skills.

Plus, whatever experience you gain, you can add it to your resume to help you stand out from other candidates who have a similar educational background to you.

3. There’s Definitely a Group That Matches Your Interests

Most schools have a wide range of clubs and organizations for students to choose from. If you’re a new student, you can find out what’s on offer during your first week. Most campuses give all their organizations a chance to set up a table somewhere and provide students with more information. You’ll undoubtedly find that some kind of club, team, or group matches your current interests and appeals to you.

If you’d like to belong to a club for a specific interest and nothing exists yet, you can create your own. As well as being a great way to meet others who share your passion, this will introduce the hobby to more people. Plus, the fact you started the club yourself will look extra impressive on your resume.

4. Extracurriculars Are Part of the College Experience

Most college students participate in extracurriculars, even if it was not something they were interested in doing before college. Students tend to consider clubs, teams, and organizations to be part of the college experience, as it helps them feel as if they belong to something bigger, gives them a break from their studies, and may even be an opportunity for them to represent their school in competitions.

5. You Can Join as Few or as Many as You Like

You can join just one club or several — whatever fits into your schedule and suits your interests. Ideally, though, you’ll only join as many clubs as you can commit to. This may depend on things like how often the club holds meetings and how involved it expects its members to be. The good thing is it is possible to try out a number of extracurriculars at the start of the semester and then just stick to those you like best.

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