What to Pack for Moving into Your Student Apartment

taping a moving box

Preparing for university involves many things, but one of the most important is figuring out what to take with you. Armed with this list, you’ll ensure that you don’t forget anything important and can start purchasing all the items you don’t already own.

1. Toiletries

Think about what toiletries you use on a daily basis. It can help to write things down right after your morning and evening routines. In addition, make sure to pack a basic first aid kit and any medication you only take infrequently. Finally, bring enough towels to avoid needing to do laundry constantly.

2. Stationery and Study Materials

It makes sense to purchase at least some stationery when you arrive at university to limit the amount you need to transport. However, you can save money by packing any pens, pencils, and notebooks you already own.

3. Electronics

Start thinking about whether your laptop is suitable for university or if you need to upgrade. Consider what other electronics may be necessary for your major. For instance, you may prefer to have a mouse than to rely on your laptop trackpad and it could be useful to have a flash drive. Large items like printers are unlikely to be necessary unless you’ll be regularly printing materials, in which case you’ll also need to pack paper and ink cartridges. Most students, though, will find that they’re printing so rarely that it makes more sense to use the printers in their campus computer lab.

Finally, bring any electronics that will make your life more comfortable, such as noise-cancelling headphones and a bluetooth speaker. Plus, remember that it’s always worth having a spare charger for your phone.

4. Personal Items

Depending on how often you’ll be returning to your parents’ home, you may need to pack both winter and summer clothing and bedding. Bring storage containers to keep whatever doesn’t suit the current season hidden away and a laundry basket to keep your bedroom neat. Other personal items to pack include belongings that will make your new apartment feel like home, such as posters for the wall, books, and some favorite things. If you don’t already have one, consider buying a dry erase board to hang above your desk.

5. Kitchen Supplies

Find out if your apartment comes with basic dishes and utensils. If not, you’ll need at least enough to prepare and eat your own meals. You may also like to invest in a coffee maker — you’ll save a large amount of money if you make coffee at home rather than buying at a coffee shop every day.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

Make a separate list of the cleaning supplies you’ll need to pick up when you arrive at your university town. Some things you’ll need almost immediately include trash bags, dish soap, and cleaning products for the bathroom. Make sure you also have a flashlight in case of power outages.

If you haven’t figured out where you’ll live, you need to come to a decision before you can finalize your packing list. You can find Ontario Tech University off-campus housing at 17Hundred. You’ll receive your own room in a fully-furnished suite that’s equipped with everything you need, including a full-size kitchen and spacious living room. Apply now while there are still spots available.