What to Look For in Student Housing

student housing

An alternative to living on campus in a regular apartment is to rent in off-campus student housing. Most student housing is close to campus, although it’s not affiliated with any university. You’ll receive a lease for just your room, rather than the entire apartment, which means you won’t need to find roommates nor figure out how to split expenses. However, since not all student housing is equal, it’s important to know what to look for.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Most places charge less for a room in an apartment with more bedrooms. If having many roommates is not an issue for you, it may make sense to choose the most economical option. Also remember to consider the number of bathrooms, as it’s common to share a bathroom with at least one or two people. Finally, more roommates means sharing the living room and kitchen with more people.

Furnished vs Unfurnished

Whereas some students do like to rent unfurnished apartments — for instance, if they want to start accumulating their own furniture — most prefer to find a furnished room. The furnishings will be much more substantial and higher quality than you’ll find in your dorm room, but at some student housing, there’s a particular emphasis on stylish interiors.

Roommate Matching

Since you’ll be sharing with others, you may be concerned about who you’ll have as roommates. If you know other people who also want to live in student housing, you can request to share an apartment with them. In addition, though, many places offer roommate matching. This means you’ll be paired with people who have similar interests or lifestyles to you.


All student housing has appealing amenities, although what exactly a building has to offer does vary. Onsite facilities could include a gym, study areas, and a place to socialize with other residents. Many communities also have all-inclusive rent that covers all your utilities and WiFi. Plus, you may be able to receive housekeeping services for an extra cost. Decide what your priorities are, and search for student housing that provides them.


There are far fewer rules at off-campus housing than on campus. For instance, there won’t be a curfew, you’ll be able to invite guests over whenever you want, and there’s no long list of restricted items. However, this doesn’t mean there will be no rules. You won’t be able to share your room with someone else (even if it does have a double bed) and there will be limits on how much noise you can make to ensure the environment is pleasant for other students. Check out the rules for each place you’re considering and decide if they’re reasonable.

Receiving a Lease

Student housing is designed for people who have never lived away from home before. For this reason, the requirements for receiving a lease tend to be less strict than at a regular apartment. Having said that, to ensure you can make rent payments, some places will require you to have a cosigner.

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