Tips for Staying Healthy as a Student

Tips for Staying Healthy as a Student

It’s easy to slip into unhealthy practices as a student. You’ll have more independence than you’ve ever had before — and you need to be careful how you use this freedom. Making the commitment to stay healthy will help you feel better both mentally and physically, prevent illness, and teach you good habits for life.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

What you eat has an impact on every aspect of your health, including your weight, immune system, and cognition. Start fueling your body at the beginning of the day. Even if you have a limited amount of time, you should be able to eat at least a piece of fruit or a yogurt on your way out. Make sure most of your meals are substantial, though. This will help you avoid food cravings and prevent you from snacking on sugary or salty snacks. If you do like to snack throughout the day, carry nuts, fruits, or sliced vegetables with you.

Ensure you always have enough food at home by scheduling regular trips to the grocery store. Make a list before you go and only buy items from your list. Learn to prepare healthy meals that will energize you, rather than picking up processed foods that may be appealing in the moment but will result in you feeling much less satisfied.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere to ensure you stay hydrated. This will not only prevent you from purchasing sugary drinks, it should also kill food cravings. Plus, drinking water keeps everything from your skin and muscles to your brain healthy.

3. Find Ways to Exercise That You Enjoy

No matter how busy you are, you need to find time to exercise. Join a sports team, attend fitness classes, head to the gym, or even choose an elective that will get you moving. A great thing about university is that it opens up new opportunities, meaning you should be able to find something you enjoy.

4. Relax

You’re more likely to suffer from illness if you’re rundown, which can happen if you never have time to relax. Make sure to dedicate time to self-care every day. This could mean practising a relaxing hobby, working on an art project, or reading for pleasure.

5. Set a Bedtime

Most university students don’t get enough sleep. Being sleep deprived can lead to mood swings, headaches, weight gain, and other problems. Set a time to go to bed and wake up every day. If you’re unable to sleep enough one night for any reason, catch up with naps the next day. Remember that you’ll improve your chances of falling asleep quickly if you avoid caffeine from the late afternoon onward and put away screens at least an hour before bed.

6. Stick to a Schedule

In addition to having a bedtime, it helps to create a routine for all your commitments. Setting a weekly schedule will make sure you always find the time to eat, exercise, study, and relax. As a result, you should find that you stay organized and avoid stress.

7. Keep Your Home Clean

Kill germs that could lead to infections by cleaning your apartment regularly. Pay particular attention to the bathroom and kitchen, but also wipe down surfaces and door handles throughout your home and change your bedding regularly.

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