Should You Have a Pet at University?

Should You Have a Pet at University?

Perhaps you’ve always had pets at home and you know you’ll miss being around animals while you’re away at university. Alternatively, it could be that your parents never allowed you to have a pet and you feel like now’s your chance. Before you make the big decision to have a pet, though, there are a few things to consider.

You’ll Have a Companion

A top reason students choose to have a pet is they want a companion. Whatever happens throughout the day, you’ll have someone to come home to who will give you unconditional love. This is great for stress relief and for helping you feel less alone.

It Will Be Expensive

A pet will add to your expenses considerably. When you’re budgeting for a pet, you need to include more than the regular costs for things like food, grooming equipment, and cleaning supplies in your calculations. For instance, you’ll need to pay for regular checkups and vaccinations, buy toys and other items to provide your animal with stimulation, and be prepared for the occasional emergency vet bill.

Making Friends Will Be Easier

If you’re worried about making friends, a pet will definitely help. Talking about your animal will be a great conversation starter, and people will want to come over to meet your companion. Friends who are unable to have their own pets will love visiting you — and your pet will benefit from all the attention.

Landlords May Not Allow Pets

It’s harder to find housing if you have a pet. You’ll likely be unable to live on campus whatever pet you have, and some off-campus housing may have restrictions about what kinds of animals are allowed. For instance, you may be able to have a fish, reptile, or rodent, but not a cat or dog.

Having a Dog Is Great Exercise

If you are able to find housing that allows you to have a dog, you’ll have a reason to exercise every day. Most dogs have high energy levels, meaning you’ll need to go out a couple times a day. As well as going for walks, you can use your dog as a running partner or just enjoy playing outside together.

You’ll Lose Some Independence

A highlight of becoming a university student is the independence you gain. You’ll lose some of this if you have the responsibility of a pet. You can avoid the training phase (which comes with constant cleaning) by adopting an adult dog or cat or another type of animal entirely. However, you’ll still need to make sure you’re home at the right time to feed your pet, which may mean missing out on social opportunities. Plus, all animals need plenty of attention — you’ll need to find time for your pet every day in your busy schedule.

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