Reasons to Stay in Your University Town During the Summer

summer friends

You could spend your summer in various ways, but one option you may not have considered is staying in your university town. There are actually a number of compelling reasons why this could be your best option.

1. Keep Your Mind Active

Students often find returning to university after a long summer break especially challenging. It can be hard to regain the same mindset and remember how to study for the first few weeks after you come back.

By staying in the same city over the summer, you may find the transition back to classes less jarring. To ensure this is the case, you could drop into the campus library on a regular basis or stick to a light study schedule where you cover the recommended reading for next semester. You could even take a couple of summer classes, which can also make next semester less stressful or push your graduation date forward.

2. Make More Friends

You’ll be far from the only student who chooses to continue living in your university town over the summer. You’ll find that this is a great opportunity to become friends with people whom you otherwise may never have spoken to. You should find it easy to meet people in your summer classes, around campus, and at your student housing.

3. Discover New Places

The likelihood is there are a huge number of new places waiting to be discovered within your university town and in its surroundings. While you’re attending university, you tend to be too busy to explore — now’s your chance to become a tourist.

Making the most of your university town now means you won’t have any regrets after you graduate about missing the opportunity to visit a landmark, a place of natural beauty, or anything else for which the area is known. Plus, when your friends return for the fall semester, you’ll have many great spots to show them. Perhaps you’ll find somewhere to go for a weekend trip or discover a better coffee shop than your regular place. In any case, it will enrich the rest of your time at university.

4. Enjoy Being Alone

It’s always important to spend time alone, whether to practise hobbies or just relax. Unfortunately, this can be difficult at university, as you’re constantly surrounded by other people. Often when you’re not in class, you’re socializing or participating in clubs, and much of your free time needs to go to studying.

With fewer people around during the summer, you should find you have time to be alone again. You could use the chance to restart some personal projects, learn a new skill, or pursue an activity you’ve always wanted to try. Plus, you can use some of the time for self-reflection and for creating an action plan to reach your goals — both of which should help you feel more motivated when fall semester rolls around.

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