How to Navigate Long-Distance Relationships as a Student

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It’s not uncommon for students who are starting university to want to continue their relationship with a partner who is heading to another school or will be living elsewhere for another reason. Long-distance relationships at university require some work, but they’re certainly feasible with the right strategy.

1. Set Some Ground Rules

It’s important to discuss your expectations before you head off to university. Talk about what you want from the relationship, what would upset you, and your boundaries. Bear in mind that you may need to return to this conversation later, as life at university may be different than what you expected.

2. Commit to Open Communication

Always be completely honest with your partner. Even lying about small things when your partner will never learn the truth will erode trust in the relationship. In particular, speak about anything that’s bothering you — addressing issues early will prevent them from becoming big problems.

3. Schedule Times to Talk

Make sure you always find time to talk by setting a schedule in advance for when you’re both available. This will prevent either of you from feeling neglected by the other and allow you to fit time for your partner into your week without you needing to sacrifice other activities. The ideal time could be at the end of the night or some point during the day when neither of you have classes.

4. Arrange to Visit Each Other

Depending on how far you are from each other, you may be able to meet up regularly on weekends or only a couple times each semester. Whatever the case, scheduling visits in advance will give you something to look forward to.

5. Prioritize Your University Life

Although your relationship is important, your academics and other aspects of your university life need to come first. After all, choosing to attend university is the reason you need your relationship to be long distance. Never allow your relationship to interfere with your classes, homework, or extracurriculars.

Most importantly, make plenty of friends at university. You’ll need people around you who will support you no matter what. Plus, you’ll be able to all hang out together when your partner comes to visit.

6. Encourage Each Other

Be supportive when your partner wants to explore opportunities at university. Remember that your schedule to talk is not set in stone — if one of you wants to join a new club or has the opportunity to attend a social event at a time you normally talk, it’s better to find another time to catch up than to put restrictions on each other. Plus, having plenty of activities in your day-to-day life will help you cope with feelings of missing your partner.

7. Enjoy the Experience

University should be a fun time in your life. Whereas it may be stressful at times, your long-distance relationship should have a positive impact on your student experience overall.

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