How to Maintain a Social Life While Studying

Maintain a Social Life While Studying

University is as much about making friends and learning more about yourself through social activities as it is gaining a degree. However, when you’re studying hard — especially during exam season — it can feel impossible to maintain a social life. In fact, there are ways to balance all the key aspects of your life: studying, socializing, and self-care. Here are some tips to consider.

1. Practice Mindfulness Activities with Friends

An activity that should be a regular part of your life as a student is mindfulness. You can practice mindfulness through meditation, yoga, or anything else that brings attention to your thoughts and breathing. Find out if there are sessions you can join with your friends on campus.

2. Join Study Groups

You can combine studying with socializing by joining some study groups for your classes. When choosing groups, make sure the other students have a style that resonates with you and they use the sessions productively. You may need to attend a few study groups to find ones that align with your needs and studying style.

3. Study in a Public Place

Another way to study and socialize at the same time is to choose a spot where you’ll be around other people. This could be the campus library, a study room, a coffee shop, or even a local park. When you need a break, you can chat with the people around you. It may be worth asking a couple friends to study with you — provided you won’t distract each other when you’re not on a break.

4. Finish Schoolwork Ahead of Time

It may be tempting to leave school work until close to the due date and socialize now. However, it’s much better to finish everything ahead of time. This way, socializing can be a reward for completing a project or preparing adequately for an exam. This will also mean that if a task takes you longer than you expected, you won’t be stressed trying to finish on time. When you know nothing is hanging over you, spending time with friends is much more fun.

5. Be Selective About Which Invitations You Accept

While you’re a student, you’re likely to receive more invitations to events than you can feasibly attend. You’ll need to think carefully about which you accept. You may like to give preference to your closest friends or go out only after you’ve been studying hard all week. If you’re exhausted or you know you need to finish a paper, though, it’s important to say “no.”

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