Do You Have These Signs of Sleep Deprivation?

Signs of Sleep Deprivation

With so much happening in the evenings at university (and often continuing into the night), it’s easy to end up going to bed too late. When you have classes and other commitments in the morning, this can result in you gaining only a few hours’ sleep. Worse, if you need to pull the occasional all-nighter to meet the due dates for your assignments, you may find that you become sleep deprived. If you’re experiencing the following signs, you need to make lifestyle changes before you become burned out and your academic performance suffers.

1. Falling Asleep During the Day

You may find that you fall asleep at inappropriate times, such as in class, on public transport, while riding in a friend’s car, or watching a movie. Furthermore, if you can barely finish your nighttime routine before you crawl into bed, you clearly haven’t been sleeping enough.

2. Difficulty Concentrating

Being tired makes it harder to focus in class, on your studies, and during other activities. You may also find it takes you longer to complete tasks or you may struggle to understand complex concepts. This is one of the major reasons why studying late into the night tends to backfire over the long term.

3. Feelings of Anxiety

Many people find college stressful at times. Add insufficient sleep and you may find that you’re more prone to anxiety and other mental health issues. This often turns into a vicious circle, as anxiety can make it more difficult to fall asleep at the right time. It’s important to at least give your body the chance to gain enough sleep by setting a bedtime you’ll stick to and engaging in relaxing activities before bed.

4. Increased Thirst

A lack of sleep can impact your capability to stay hydrated, which you’ll notice by an increased sense of thirst. This is likely because you produce the hormone vasopressin during sleep, and levels will be too low if you don’t sleep enough.

5. Skin Issues

One of the best things you can do for your skin is to get enough sleep. This is more effective than using expensive products, since it’s during sleep that your skin is able to recover from the day and produce collagen. In particular, sleep deprivation leads to dark circles and puffy, red skin around your eyes.

6. Physiological Signs

Finally, you may experience some additional physiological signs due to insufficient rest. These include weight gain, increased appetite, aches in your body, and a longer recovery time from illnesses.

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