A Guide to Closet Storage in Student Apartments

Guide to Closet Storage in Student Apartments

Students tend to have many belongings — books, study supplies, bedding, and (of course) clothing. In fact, clothes take up a large amount of space, even if you’re not particularly into fashion. You need to have outfits for all different occasions, including everyday wear for classes, clothes for going out in the evenings, outfits for special events when you want to dress up, and professional wear for interviews. All this takes up a lot of space, perhaps more than your closet can handle. With the right strategy, though, you can maximize your closet storage to fit everything. Here are a few strategies to try.

1. Use All Your Vertical Space

If you think about the actual size of your closet, you’ll see you do have a large amount of space — you’re just not fully utilizing it. Find ways to make use of this wasted space, such as by using stackable hangers, an over-the-door organizer, and storage bins.

2. Switch to Slim Hangers

You can also make greater use of your horizontal space by packing more clothing along a hanging rod. This is possible when you buy the slimmest hangers you can find. In particular, avoid hangers with clips — these not only take up a great deal of space, they’re also prone to tangling.

3. Add Some Command Hooks

Stick command hooks in various places around your closet to hang items that don’t fit elsewhere, such as belts, bathrobes, and bags containing small items. This will make the things you use regularly extra accessible. Plus, when you move out of the apartment, you can remove the hooks without leaving marks on the wall.

4. Pack Away Out-of-Season Clothing

Keep plenty of space for the clothing you’ll be wearing over the next couple months by removing any out-of-season items. It’s much better to put these into storage bins than to keep them hanging in your closet. If you have no space left in your closet, push the storage bins out of sight under your bed.

5. Donate Old Clothing

If you have clothing you know you’ll never wear again, stop holding onto it: donate it to a local thrift store or clothing swap on campus. A perfect time to check what you could part with is when you’re changing the clothing in your closet for the new season.

6. Invest in Some Extra Drawers

You can create more space if you keep more of your clothing in drawers instead of trying to hang everything. Purchase a cheap organizer to fit under the clothes hanging in your closet.

Dorm rooms are the worst for closet space. You’ll likely struggle to fit everything you need into your closet even when you use all the above tactics — especially if you’re unable to take clothing home with you at the end of every semester. The good news is you can find student apartments with plenty of closet space. For Ontario Tech University off-campus housing, you have 17Hundred. Our spacious suites are fully furnished with the student lifestyle in mind. Contact us to sign a lease.