10 Ideas for Student Apartment Décor


Now that you’re moving into your Ontario Tech University off-campus housing, you want the space to look and feel pleasant and welcoming. In addition, you want to make your apartment look Instagram-worthy without breaking the bank!

Here are 12 simple and budget-friendly décor ideas to liven up your student apartment:

1. Make a Photo Wall
When you’re living away from home, it is natural to feel a little homesick. Creating a photo wall is the perfect way to breathe some life into your bedroom with little reminders back from home.

Reminiscing about the memorable moments shared between you and your friends and family can be heartwarming. Every time you miss anyone back home, just glance at your photo wall and you’ll feel better.

The best part: photos cover bare walls, making your apartment look aesthetically welcoming.

2. Add Some Greenery
Add plants in your apartment to make it look and feel fresh. Plants are not only beautiful, but they are also good for your health.

Are you worried you might get your plants killed? Then, get your hand on some low-maintenance plants like succulents and use them to make your apartment look and feel homier. Or, opt for fake plants for the visual impact without the responsibility.

3. Add Soft Lighting
Natural light is ideal for daytime. But when it comes to nighttime, you want your apartment to look nice and unique. So, if you have fluorescent lights in your room, you could use a bedside lamp with three brightness levels to add a softer, soothing vibe. Soft, diffused lighting can instantly make your space appear comfier and more welcoming.

4. Get Comfy Sheets
You may think bedding has little to do with décor, but the right bedding can make all the difference to your bedroom. Comfortable and soft bedding can make your space appear more home-like. Make sure to choose colours that match your room’s overall aesthetics, but keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with soft tones for student apartments.

5. Bring a Mirror
How can a mirror add decor to my apartment, you may ask! Besides allowing you to check your look, mirrors make your room look bigger. This is a good trick to make small rooms look and feel large. You’re free to use a single large mirror or add peel-and-stick mirrors to create a unique pattern.

6. Use Curtains to Add a Homey Feel
Curtains not only help with privacy, but they can also make your apartment look homier. We suggest light sheer curtains as they gently filter sunlight into your apartment, making it appear all the more beautiful. On the other hand, light-blocking curtains are best for creating a more sleep-friendly atmosphere.

7. Sprinkle Some Twinkle With Fairy Lights
Fairy and twinkle lights just make everything look all the more festive and whimsical. You can play with different shapes and sizes to match the vibe with your overall apartment aesthetics and give your place a more magical look and feel.

8. Add Coziness With a Plush Rug
Consider adding rugs if your apartment has hard floors or commercial carpets. Plush rugs are super popular right now because they are soft, fuzzy, and look beautiful. You could even add a rug near your bed to make the floor stand out.

9. Use Extra Pillows
Pillows are inexpensive and super comfy. Plus, they come in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. When in doubt, just throw on some extra pillows on your bed to spice up your bedroom décor.

10. Add Some Collectibles
Décor is incomplete without collectibles. They look super cute and add a personalized touch to your room. Collectibles can be anything really – a favourite mug, a souvenir, a thrift store find, and more. Just find something unique and incorporate it into your student apartment décor.

Final Thoughts
While you may think that student apartment décor is far from perfect, there are always ways to add personality and character to your apartment. All it takes is some creative thinking and a few savvy tricks. Incorporate these decor ideas into your Ontario Tech University off-campus housing and make your apartment look all the more pleasing.